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There's an old saying about how one can't be too thin or too rich.  A good addition would be that content, and new ideas in general, can't get too much legal review.

We've come to the moment when one asks if a liability attaches should a recipient react to the donated blood.  In an ideal world cross matched blood from blood banks would be warmed and ready when an emergency arises.  Unfortunately the real world doesn't always play fair so there there is an element of risk that we have to assess.

With any luck we can solicit one of the clinical programs at our local law schools to take a look at this question of liability.  Until then everything is sadly on hold.

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Why Your Dog Should Register

We have a number of veterinarians in the Dupont Circle, West End, Foggy Bottom and Georgetown areas of the District of Columbia.  From time to time they need whole blood to treat neighborhood dogs that are injured or need surgery.

By registering your dog is offering to donate should the need arise.

Which Dogs Should Register

Any healthy dog between 1 and 7 years old and over 40 pounds who might be able to get to a nearby veterinarian on a moment's notice.

What to Expect

When you are contacted the veterinarian will ask if your dog is available.  Expect to spend about an hour while your dog donates and then you can go home.  There is no cost to you and no one makes money from your dog's generosity.  Donating blood poses very little little risk for a healthy dog and may save your neighbor's dog.

Free Blood Typing is Available

Time is of the essence in an emergency, so it is important to have potential donor blood type information in the system before a donor is needed.

At least one of our local veterinarians has offered to type your registered donor for free.  This is a marvelous opportunity to get to know a caring local veterinarian and get ready to help a neighbor's dog.  The "Contact Us" portion is working, so don't hesitate to use it to suggest local veterinarians who are willing to also offer free blood typing to DogDonor registrants.

Come Back Later and Sign Up!

When the site is operational a secure form will ask for the dog's name and ways to contact you.  You can even leave special instructions like "No calls between 11PM and 6AM" for each way to contact you.  This information will be encrypted, stored and made available to local veterinarians for free.  The information will only be used when blood is needed and to periodically check that the contact information is current.  You can also click on the "Sign Up" link to edit or delete your dog's registration at any time.


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