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We Want To Protect Your Privacy

No one can guarantee perfect security or privacy, and we are no exception.  The best security is not to have anything a hacker might want.  That's why the only personal information we require is a contact phone number for the dog.

Here's why we think your privacy will be safe with us:

We Won't Abuse The Information You Give Us

Veterinarians in your region must be registered and sign in to gain access to dog names and contact phone numbers.  The veterinarian does not have access to your geo-coordinates — only the distance you would have to travel to get the the veterinarian's office.

The site automatically keeps logs of anyone signing in as a veterinarian, dog owner or trusted volunteer.

A volunteer might call you once or twice a year for the sole purpose of confirming that your dog is still a potential donor.  Keeping the donor list current saves the veterinarian time in an emergency.

Any information we have is otherwise not distributed in any way.


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