Free Blood Typing

Time is of the essence in an emergency so it is important to have this information in the system before it' s needed.>

If you already know your dog's DEA 1.1 blood type you can have your local veterinarian enter it in the system — OR — forward the values using the "Contact Us" button below or anywhere on this site (be sure to identify your dog with its name and one of the contact phone numbers).

If you don't know your dog's blood type, at least one of our local veterinarians has offered to type your registered donor for free.  This is a marvelous opportunity to get to know a caring local veterinarian and get ready to help a neighbor's dog.

The site is still being developed.  A list of veterinarians offering free blood typing will be included here when this site goes live.  In the meantime, the "Contact Us" portion is working, so don't hesitate to use it to suggest local veterinarians who are willing to also offer free blood typing to DogDonor registrants.

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