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About Canine Blood Donations

When Is Whole Blood needed?

The leading use for fresh whole blood is when there is a massive hemmorhage.  Perhaps the dog is struck by a car, has taken a nasty fall, or had an aneurism burst.  This sort of event is generally unexpected and the sort of emergency this site is set up for.

Fresh whole blood is also used for therapies to treat anemia, anticoagulant toxicity, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIB), Hemophilia (type A or B), Hypoproteinemia, Thrombocytopenia, and Von Willebrand disease.  In general, these non-emergency therapies can be scheduled to allow careful cross-typing to establish a pool of suitable long-term donors.

What About Dog Blood Banks?

While they are among the safest sources of blood there are only about 25 canine blood banks in the United States.  To make matters more complicated whole blood is very fragile and difficult to store for very long.  In an emergency there rarely is time to ship whole blood.  Another factor is cost.

Should My Dog Be A Donor?

Yes, if your dog is:

  • Under seven years old.
  • Over 45 pounds.
  • In good health with all current vaccinations.
  • Comfortable being handled.

No anesthesia is required and donation takes around a half hour.

Should I Get My Dog's Blood Typed In Advance?

Absolutely! It saves time in an emergency and lets veterinarians quickly search the system for suitable donors.

At least one local veterinarian is offering free DEA 1.1 blood typing.

Who Profits From A Blood Donation?

No one makes money from your donation.

This site is volunteer funded and operated.  Access to the site is free for our local veterinarians.  While the recipient may have to pay for the technician who performs the transfusion there is absolutely no charge for the blood or to the blood donor.

However, the benefits can be huge:

  • There is a very good chance the donation will save another dog's life.
  • The donation could make a procedure affordable.
  • Having access to fresh blood makes our community more inviting for small neighborhood veterinary practices that have the time to get to know you and your dog.

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